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Willing to do a PvP lvl20 event? Don’t wait and take part in the Zul’Gurub event! Welcome for this new event hosted by the WoW20 community.

After Lordaeron, Alliance wants to take the whole possession of the Eastern Kingdoms. Sylvanas asked the Horde to comeback in Zul’Gurub to protect the Gurubashi capital city.

The battle will take place in Zul’Gurub. Two teams will fight each other. One attacks, the other one defends. Each team has a leader. The first leader who dies make loose his team.
The game starts with the attacker team at the entrance of Zul’Gurub. It is mandatory to defend in the temple of Bethekk for the defenser team. The attacker team has to find a way to enter if it wants to kill the enemy leader. Everything is authorized: items, toys, consumables, mounts.

01rst May – Tiboy video

03th May – Rules video

05th May – Zul’Gurub event

We would like to thank XPOffResurgent EsportsWoWChakraMMO-SankarIcyVeins and WoW Facebook France for their support. Let a glance to their website!

Also, this event could have not seen the day before the participation of EmbuprodKorniAgonnMarcAntonХроношBookmarkDreylineSandroKittencanonTroy RagnorHermèsBorjitoAmotGGSaphirBekiNylAvelionSir ThompshireSaruskiLouWookieturtleBladeNeveanNotak and Joffré. Big thanks to them!

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