The Burning League 2019

An international tournament is coming soon with lots of rewards! Welcome to this new event organized by the WoW20 community.

The Burning League

Although the conflict between the Alliance and the Horde continues to rage, the threat of the very old gods is looming on the horizon. In order to send its best warriors into battle, the WoW20 community is organizing a new tournament featuring the best of Azeroth’s warriors.


The tournament will take place from ? to ?, and will oppose European teams. Games will be played in 3v3 in the open arenas of World of Warcraft. Each team will be awarded a coat of arms bearing its logo, in addition to representing its country.

Tournament rules

List of rules here


During the tournament, rewards will be given to spectators who will correctly answer the questions asked by the organizers. Rewards will include various prizes, such as Discord benefits, video games or Blizzard items.

You want to participate?

Join us on our official discord to register for the tournament and visit our website for more information on future tournaments.