We are pleased to introduce to you the 2018 edition of the Burning League! This third edition will unfold during July and will gather players from all Europe 😉

The dates of this event are from Monday 9 to Saturday 14 (July).

Each new game will be announced several days before. All teams will have to be ready.

* However, keep in mind that we will change these dates if the BfA prepatch arrives during this period. *

In parallel, we also add these rules suggested by Bestworld. Please keep in mind that if any one of those conditions are not met, the arbitrators reserve the right to disqualify your team ⚠

(Here is an example of a team)


Each team has to be composed of 4 players: three players and one substitute, able to play when someone is missing.

Application process

Leave a comment on this thread with :

– the battletag of each player

– the discordtag of each player

– the armory of each player

– the name of your team


You have to be free at 09 PM Paris time starting 08th July until 14th July.

The league table that leads the official organization of the tournament is managed by the arbitrors. It takes an inventory of each team listed for the championship; it will be updated day per day by the arbitrors. The number of rounds will be determined by the teams registered number.

Suntosh will be the official streamer of the tourney. Embu will introduce the tournament. We don’t have commentators / shoutcasters, so if you want to commentate the games don’t hesitate!

  • 1rst reward

  • The winners of the 2018 Burning League edition will get a special badge on their profile box.


  • 2nd reward

  • The winners will get the right to have a special rank discord both on XPoff and WoWlvl20 Discord. This rank will remind they have won the 2018 edition of the tourney.


  • 3rd reward

  • One wallpaper of the Burning League logo will be sent by postcard to each winner. The wallpaper will be in A3 format, and you will be able to hang it anywhere you want.

I’ve heard that the prepatch could arrive on 11th July instead 18th. Is it problematic, given it arrives during the tournament ?

If the prepatch comes on 11th July, we will do everything to finish the arena wargames before this date.

In 2016 and 2017, there was a raid expected after the tournament. Why is there no mention of it ?

For now we have to concentrate everyone on the tournament. I’ll talk of the raid later.

Why do you forbid two of the same classes in a team?

Because otherwise it would create a too big unbalancement. One team with two warriors could easily kill the healer and win the game. The aim of this goal is to prevent any abuse.

Why 3 rounds for every match?

Because no matter which team loses the first round, they still have a chance to win the next one. This way the team has the opportunity to get another chance, and this may also be a good thing.

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