After the epic battlegrounds of these last days, WoW20 community renews the programm with a great battle at Vash’jir! World PvP and epic battles are waiting you!

The event will start on Thursday 20 September, at 09 PM (Paris time).

Once the Alliance and Horde players will be gathered, we will go to Vash’jir. There, we will start the fights.

Three streamers will broadcast the event. We have [​IMG] Kwei for the Russian-speaking community, [​IMG] Smirm for the French-speaking one and [​IMG] Trollguden for the Anglosphere (he also can speak Swedish).

Kwei and Trollguden will broadcast the event on their own Twitch channel. However, Smirm will show the battle on the Rashferoth twitch channel:

The submarine battle will take place in the Tranquil Wash, in the Shimmering Expanse.

A cemetery and a breathing stone are findable just beside this place. So this is a perfect place to make last the event a long time.

We would like to thank both Veklar and XPoff for supporting the project. With regards to Veklar, the content regularly published on this website worths a look. Bigs thanks to @Kórnikus20 and @ttoni as well, who do a great job as usual.

It is easy to join the event!

First, click on this link to join the discord:

Then you only need to follow the instructions and it’s all good!

See you soon!