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WoW20 is a community organizing fun, epic and original events in World of Warcraft 😊

Passionate players

With more than 2,000 players, WoW20 organizes community events on World of Warcraft. The last one made 260,000 views on the US and European side.

Creative artists

With a Facebook page of 30,000 members, WoW20 showcases the creations of its community. The opportunity to discover new artists and share your own creations.

Latest Events

The Burning League | 2020

New tournament, new rewards and new organisation: the Burning League season 4 sees things in a big way!

Incursion in Zul'Gurub | 2019

After Lordaeron, the Alliance wants to take control of the Eastern Kingdoms. Sylvanas asks the Horde to return to Zul’Gurub to protect the Gurubashi city.

Fights in Vash'jir | 2018

PvP underwater? We say yes! The Alliance and the Horde are preparing for an epic battle at Vashj’ir